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Windfall (Orca Currents) (English Edition)

Windfall (Orca Currents) (English Edition)
Windfall (Orca Currents) (English Edition)Life is full of challenges for thirteen-year-old Liza. She is already having trouble coping with the death of a local homeless man when she learns that her family's apple tree will need to be chopped down. If that wasn't enough, the new principal at school keeps blocking her attempts for a positive outlet by refusing permission for every project that GRRR! (Girls for Renewable Resources, Really!) and BRRR! (Boys for Renewable Resources, Really!) proposes. Liza starts to feel like she needs to create change in her world without seeking permission. When she chooses the school grounds as the site for her latest endeavor, she may have gone too far.

Author: Sara Cassidy
Company: Orca Book Publishers (2011-06-01) (2011-04-01)

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