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Super Suburban Chickens in 5 Minutes a Day!: Fresh Wonderful Eggs at Your Doorstep! (English Edition)

Super Suburban Chickens in 5 Minutes a Day!: Fresh Wonderful Eggs at Your Doorstep! (English Edition)
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Have you dreamed of having your own fresh organic eggs and your own idyllic farm and fruit tree orchard? Well here is the first of several easy steps to make this dream a reality. The chickens can eat table scraps, garden veggies, grass and bugs. (I supplement chicken feed).

Excerpt: There are many reasons to have a chicken farm in the city. The following way is appropriate if you want organic eggs hatched from your own chickens.

Some of the benefits of this are:

1) Family Bonding. Time spent together away from electronics means you can actually have a conversation with your twelve year old! What kid does not love a baby chick?

2) Healthy Outdoor Activity. It is refreshing to be outside after being inside all week at work or school. Sun shine and fresh air are often recommended for optimum health!

3) Weekly Cash Flow is less. Organic Chicken Eggs are up to $5 a dozen!

4) No Chemicals used. Pesticides, growth hormones, and other chemicals used around a commercial egg farm are great to do without. Food grade diatomaceous earth can be sprinkled on chickens to kill fleas. Make sure to get "food grade" at your local feed store or health store.

5) Contribute to a Self Sufficient Life Style. If you have eggs and a producing garden and fruit trees you are enjoying a lot of high energy healthy and healing foods!

6) Grounding Many people because of electronic use (think of computers, cell phones IPODS, IPADS and game boys), poor diet, lack of protein and minerals in their diet are not grounded. When you get outside this helps to ground out your "static electricty". This helps to settle you down. This can also help with focus and concentration in school or work.

What are our priorities for a little chicken farm in the city? Interested? Download now!

First, you need to have some goals. From research most chickens produce most of the time. That being said, you may allow for some slow times and busy times! Say you want one or two dozen fresh eggs a week to feed four people. I would shoot to have five chickens. You can vary your diet when you have less fresh eggs. Say you want your chickens free range as much as possible. In ggsaddition, you would like them as organic as possible. Also, you want them and the eggs safe from cats, dogs and various other creatures. You also may have a busy work lifestyle and need a quick easy way to look after them, what do you do? You do not want to be cleaning chicken poop do you?

So the goals are:

1) One or two dozen eggs a week
2) Organic
3) Free Range
4) Self Cleaning
5) Safe from Dogs and Cats
6) Secure
7) Quick and Easy
8) Money Saving

Secondly you want to decide on a design for your coop to help acccomplish your goals. That way you can be building while the chicks are growing in their little chick home. You look at some different designs such as these. You realize you will have several months before the chicks are old enough to use the house, so you can start looking for inexpensive materials that might even be free at trash pickups, construction sites and from other projects for example.

Read on!

Author: Scott Pritchard
Company: Star of Bethlehem Publishing (2012-08-13) (2012-08-13)

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