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Suburban Organic Gardening. Revised and Updated (English Edition)

Suburban Organic Gardening. Revised and Updated (English Edition)
Suburban Organic Gardening.   Revised and Updated (English Edition)EAT FRESH! EAT HEALTHY! This revision of Organic Gardening Self Sufficiency includes some improvements and new ideas. This suburban organic gardening e-book includes simple methods that overcomes gardener's major challenges naturally and strategically. Eliminates bugs, weeds, fungus while staying free of chemicals and maximizing your organic crops. A more stable abundantly delicious food supply for your family.

Part of a great weight loss strategy. Fresh produce is satisfying and low calorie. Your body is getting what it needs so your hunger pains disappear!

Gardening provides a convenient easy source of fresh, organic and pesticide free wholesome high energy produce.

Working together can promote family bonding through planting together, harvesting together, cooking the food together and eating it together!

Balance: With all the cell phones, TVs, computers, radios, computer like devices and cameras do you think the average person spends more time “in the body” or “in the head?” Do you think a balance is morewise?
ing is part of a healthier lifestyle and may be a gateway into exercising more and involving family members in other healthier activities outside.

Quick and Easy to do! You can plant one small square a day in 5 minutes!

Fresh food tastes better! Would you rather eat an orange grown this summer and picked five minutes ago by loving family members in San Antonio or a pesticide and fertilizer using super corporation in India, Mexico or the farmlands of America? Often these are picked six months ago, sprayed orange with chemicals and stored underground in caves in box cars.

Like mom's, home cooking with fresh ingredients and love always beats anybody else's. Be an instant gourmet chef!
Gardening can be part of a cost savings hobby. In this example it saves you $2300 a year!

Romance! You can enjoy the sensuality of sweet tasty warm fruit picked from your own fruit trees and grape vines and popping them into your loved one's mouth. Or watching the sunset on your patio drinking your own natural wine and eating grapes, cheese and your own vegetable tray of grilled vegetables and cilantro dip.

Natural Medicine. Fresh grown herbs can be mixed in to season food and as natural medicine in your food! The best Indian restaurants are similar-they are run by natural healers who are healing the customers through the food! You can too. An example, is the Indian Palace on Fredericksburg Rd. in San Antonio. The owner's family originally traveled India as naturopathic (natural medicine) healers. In the evening, they would cook, tasty medicinal food for their traveling relatives and staff using such herbs as cumin, coriander, turmeric, garlic, onions and making curries. That evolved into restaurants in San Antonio and Albuquerque.(6) Eating for health!

With our currrent extreme weather conditions rising prices of gas and therefore produce your garden can literally save you thousands a year!

Although too numerous to quote, one of the warnings about the 2011 food crisis, as documented on the FSG website, was reported as US food price rise is steepest in decades. Food prices in America soared at their fastest rate since the 1970s last month, a sharp reminder of the impact of national disasters on food prices. So grow your own and save thousands!

About the Author

Scott has had 26 years working with natural remedies. He has managed two health food stores and owned two businesses. He has written 12 books and booklets. He gives lectures and has had his own radio show on a religious radio station teaching natural remedies to the radio audience.
He has an M.B.A., is a certified herbalist, certified nutritional consultant, has a computer degree, a management degree, is a toastmaster, herbal wine maker (invents healing wines) and world traveler.

Author: Scott Pritchard
Company: Star of Bethlehem Publishing (2011-03-17) (2011-03-17)

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