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Guerrilla Gardening: A Manual For Generation Y (English Edition)

Guerrilla Gardening: A Manual For Generation Y (English Edition)
Guerrilla Gardening: A Manual For Generation Y (English Edition)Guerrilla Gardening is the incredible act of reclaiming under utilized land for the good of the community. Whether you're planting flowers to bring color and life into your cement environment. Or planting vegetables under the subway, you're helping to eliminate carbon in the air you breath. Humans consume oxygen from the air and release carbon dioxide, plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen! We have coexisted beautifully on this planet since our life began. The benefits of community gardens brings citizens together for a common goal while lowering food cost and improving each persons health. Regardless of the social and aesthetic benefits of guerrilla gardening, you're helping the environment in which you live. Global warming is a global issue, but the fact that we produce so much carbon that its affecting our planets weather is disgusting! We are breathing poison everyday and don't even realize that we are sick. I imagine a world where we won't need to drive to remote locations to see nature. Plants should be everywhere in our cities, as an important part of our new urban ecosystem. Generation Y has the unique task of learning from our predecessors mistakes. To ensure that our generation is one to be remembered in history as ambassadors of peace, not as the entitled whiners that we are commonly referred to as. We look back at the hippies of the baby boomers generation with idealistic eyes. We see their message as one of peace and love. In reality they didn't accomplish much at all, change is a reaction cause by action. This is your call to action.

Author: Dillon Davidson
Company: Dillon Davidson (2014-05-20) (2014-05-20)

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